1. Make Love Show
  2. Chris de Burgh – 31/10/23 – Monte Caputo (Limassol)

October 31, 2023, 20:00



A rare artist may claim international success for three decades, but that's exactly what Chris de Burgh succeeded in, from the very first release – Chris de Burgh's concerts are still incredibly popular anywhere in the world. The owner of his own label, which has 20 numbered albums and more than 40 million discs sold worldwide, laid the foundation for a wonderful and long career back in 1975.

Now, it is difficult to imagine a «Romantic collection» without the song "Lady in Red". The unique gift of Chris de Burgh, as a storyteller of vivid stories, and a charismatic artist, a musician, is revealed more fully with each new release, demonstrating more and more new facets. Known to the wide audience as a performer of romantic ballads, Chris de Burgh is able to surprise with a range of genres in which his music is written – Chris de Burgh's concert is not a lyrical evening, it is an emotional musical adventure.
On October 31, 2023, the Irish "storyteller" will visit Limassol and perform his immortal hits that have become classics, which means that Chris de Burgh's concert will not do without "Lady in Red".