1. Make Love Show
  2. Ivanushki International – 5/06/24 – Warehouse (Limassol)

June 5, 2024, 20:00


Ivanushki Internation

"Poplar Fluff", "Storm Clouds", "A Doll", "Cry", "Run" and many other songs of the “Ivanushki International” Band are known by heart by several generations of devoted fans who now come to their performances with entire families! And on June 5, they will have a real celebration – a great show "Remember everything!", which will take place at a new outdoors venue - WAREHOUSE - Event Space by IT Quarter in Limassol!

In the 90s, a young band made a real musical revolution, radically changing the perception of the Russian public about popular music. Then a wave of "ivanomania" swept the country, and crowds of fans were hounding their idols, chasing them at every step. Almost immediately after the release of the debut record "Certainly him", a cult status was formed around the band, which was only strengthened by subsequent releases. However, the crazy popularity did not spoil the artists themselves at all, for whom even now, after a quarter of a century, every appearance on stage is a great joy.
"Our concerts are all different and do not resemble each other either in mood or in repertoire," says the soloist of the band Andrey Grigoriev–Apollonov, "but the most important thing is when we go out and perform "Poplar Fluff" or "Storm Clouds", we do it with pleasure, sincerely. Every time I sing them, I get the same buzz. It's very nice that we evoke positive emotions, as a rule, people see us and say, "Oh, Ivanushki," and then they break into a smile."

Today, “Ivanushki International” is the personification of an entire epoch, without which it is difficult to imagine Russian popular culture. These are the memories of millions of adience who experienced the brightest moments of their lives with the music of their favorite band. And these are songs that almost everyone knows by heart, and which will be played from the stage on June 5 as part of a big show program!16:34