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  2. Valerii Meladze – 30/10/23 – Monte Caputo (Limassol)

October 30, 2023, 20:00



On October 30, Monte Caputo will host a big solo concert of Valery Meladze, beloved by everyone, who has recorded dozens of hits durig his 30-year career, including such compositions as "Beautiful", "Sera", "Salute, Vera!", "Heaven", "Samba of the White Moth" and many others.
"Talented, sophisticated, unique" — these are the epithets the singer is awarded by his fans. Valery Meladze is often called "The Last Romantic" for his tremulous and soulful style of performance — by the way, this was the name of one of his albums. Valery Meladze is the brightest figure of the national pop scene, having an inimitable style and, of course, stunning vocal abilities that always fascinate his fans.
Valery Meladze's concert is always a celebration. Valery rarely performs the same way, creating a unique atmosphere filled with kindness, music and love at each of his performances. And there is no doubt that the concert at Monte Caputo will be exactly like that. Don't miss it!

The age limit is 12+.